VIETNAM: Mekong Delta


The third day we visited the Mekong Delta area which is quite an incredible place. The section we visited had four or so little islands situated in the middle of a river out in the countryside which mostly consists of rice fields. Before we reached our first destination we had the opportunity to stop at a Buddhist temple and observe the goings on there. It was very pretty with many statues and gardens outside and there was a service going on inside.

Happy Buddha!
Outside the temple.
The service going on inside: lots of incense burning, a bit of chanting, and stunning statues everywhere inside.
Sleepy Buddha?

IMG_3064IMG_3071After this quick stop we were off to find out boat at the docks and head out into the delta. The first island we stopped at had delicious honey and tea, as well as some bees. We met an entertaining Irish couple in our travels so we tried some of the tea and honey with them and held the bees, because why not?

Lots of colorful buildings and boats near where we were. I like how most of the boats we saw in Vietnam have eyes on them. I believe it has something to do with the belief that the eyes will help them find their way back to shore and that they might also ward off bad weather.
This was how we got to and from out boat, walking across the front of several other boats. Quite a clever set-up when dock space is minimal.
This was how we got to and from out boat, walking across the front of several other boats. Quite a clever set-up when dock space is minimal.

Bees PleaseThey also had a snake you could hold, though I’m not sure why…

The snake really wanted to check out our faces!

Wandering further through the island we got to see all number of little houses and fruits. The most amazing part about this little island community is the way the live. So much different than the busy day-to-day work we do as engineers. So much simpler. Our guide told us there is no crime so people can sleep with windows and doors open or unlocked, and there are very ornate raised tombs outside some of the houses near the river so people can keep their deceased family members near. For that reason alone many people do not want to leave these communities, so they can be near their families both living and past.

Jack fruit!
Walkway along the river where there are countless different kinds of fruit trees and houses to be found.

IMG_3091 IMG_3092On our way to lunch we took small boats to the next island, complete with pointy hats (also known as Nón lá). We got to see women making coconut candy, which was quite good, and then took a horse/cart ride to lunch where we got to make out own spring rolls with rice paper, rice noodles, herbs, and fish!

Making coconut candy.
Making new friends.
Pony ride through a village to lunch.

One thought on “VIETNAM: Mekong Delta

  1. This is a beautiful trip….but you are much more courageous than I …. Nothing could make
    me hold that snake, Kayla… and both of you did it…. Good thing you are young and
    foolish…ha ha. The honeybees don’t sting unless you attack them so you were safe there.. The roses and flowers are so beautiful…. Thanks for an interesting look at your trip!!


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