* * * Caution: lots of cuddly dog pictures ahead. If this upsets you, turn back now. * * *


Today was the day we rescued our dog, Kenobi, after his overseas journey and week long stint in the Shanghai quarantine facility. Hooray! Fortunately for us, today also happens to be the 70th anniversary of the Chinese victory in the world anti-fascist war (aka WWII, who knew?!) which means we had the day off of work. We slept in this morning and left Suzhou around 7:30am to make sure we picked Kenobi up before their shortened holiday hours went into effect. We arrived in record time (1:15) as there was almost no traffic on the roads. Our driver says all families will be at home watching the military parade on TV, so no one is traveling right now. Having been here before I knew where we needed to go and we met a Chinese/British couple who were also waiting for their dog. We started chatting about our miserable experiences transporting the dogs as cargo, found out they had just come to China from Seattle, learned he was a chemical engineer for BP (pre-deepwater horizon he felt the need to add), and now they are staying in China for a while. Once the nurse arrived we took turns handing over our paperwork and that was that. The next thing we know our dogs are being pedaled out on a bicycle built for two (dog crates that is) and our new friend is avidly taking pictures of her dog as they arrive. Their dog was a schnauzer and was just as happy to see his owners as Kenobi was to see us. It didn’t take long before both dogs were out of their crates and on their way to their respective cars. Their dog was so excited to leave he didn’t pay much attention to which car he was going in and the next thing I know I’m sitting in the  minivan with a decent size schnauzer on my lap. We sorted everyone out in the end, and then we were on our way home!

Jacky being entertained by Kenobi who kept creeping closer to the driver seat. He did it so often Jacky wondered aloud if our dog wanted to drive the car.

The car ride was quick on the way back as well, and Kenobi took turns drinking, panting, getting pets, staring at our driver Jacky, and laying down pretending to sleep. The pictures below capture the moment better than I can describe.



Starting to settle down a little.

Once we got back to the apartment it was time for a walk before a much needed bath (for Kenobi that is). One of the reasons we picked the apartment/complex we did was because there were lots of walking paths and all car traffic was underground, so there was minimal risk of being run-over (e-bikes still happen by every now and then though).IMG_2881

IMG_2899IMG_2890There’s still several things we have to figure out for Kenobi such as where on earth we put his harness for running, where we can get food and treats that won’t make him sick, and allow some time for a few minor hot spots and bald patches to mend themselves, but overall everyone is quite happy. We found a near by international vet for both animals and a westery style boarding facility as well. The next step will be getting Kenobi comfortable enough to stay at home all by himself without barking and upsetting our entire building, but we are taking things slowly this weekend.

A man and his dog.

5 thoughts on “#FREEKENOBI

  1. So glad Kenobi got there ok without any further problems. I know it is a big relief for you both to have him where you can pet him and snuggle with him. Glad he remembered you? or did he get you confused with the driver.. haha…… It’s been hot here…and muggy… but September is here…so should cool down soon. Your folks house is coming along….slow, but sure…:)

    Anyway… happy for you both …..and of course, Kenobi…:)


  2. We are cruising on the Queen Mary 2 which has a kennel for pets as well as visiting for the owners. The pets are even photographed like human passengers. If we ever relocate internationally (which is doubtful), I’ll check into this option. Have no idea on the price but it seems easier on the owner and pet. Can’t imagine the stress involved in getting him. Glad you are all back to a big happy together family.

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