*Enter Some Comic Relief *

We have learned so much in our first weekend in China! I would like to enrich your lives and share some of our new found wisdom with you (lest I forget it all later…)

  • The shower in our hotel room was cold so we got to take a nice cold shower the first day here. We tested it thoroughly, turned the handle both ways and opted for the direction that was slightly less cold. We asked that someone repair it, but we could not tell if anyone actually came to fix it. This morning we asked again and someone showed up while we were in our room. Turns out it was fixed yesterday and we had been turning the handle the wrong way out of habit. Awesome.
  • Grocery store “viewing” was an interesting experience, providing the greatest learning opportunity thus far. We had some co-workers show us the ropes, and let’s just say I will be avoiding the food section of Aushan until I get more comfortable around people…  
  • Walmart on the other hand is smaller and much less crowded. Go figure.
  • We spent a little more time in Metro and actually made a few purchases, such as:
    Toilet paper! Ok so we didn’t actually get the one with cats on it, but how cool would that be?!
    A fruit complete with oven mit in case you actually want to pick it up and purchase it…?
    Because milk tastes better with minions on it…?
  • I think I found the giant man eating bunny with big pointy teeth from Monty Python and the holy grail!    
  • Yogurt is more commonly consumed through a straw than in a spoon here.
  • Just because someone looks Caucasian does not mean they speak English. We’ve met a German fellow who speaks very good English, but our Italian friend Stefano proclaimed his English to be “not very good.” Alas our Spanish and German couldn’t help either, and all of us agreed our mandarin is coming along very slowly…
  • We think we have found an ayi to cook/clean/do laundry/walk the dog because an 8 hour day with 3 hours of commute is a long time for a dog to hold it all in…she was referred by a friend but we have not met yet, just chatted on WeChat about rates and such.
  • I swear we must be the first people to ever move to China…everyone expects we know when certain paperwork needs to get where and they tell us the day of that they needed it all yesterday. We also have to ask multiple people before we actually understand what we have to do. My head is spinning from all this paperwork and David is not faring so well himself on the paperwork front. All other expats assure us this is a right of passage and no one ever did anything exactly the same way anyway…
  • Apparently our driver is superman and is expected to run all this paperwork around for us if we can just explain it to him…he speaks a decent amount of English which helps. 🙂
  • We start moving some stuff into the apartment today, stay tuned for an update on that later this week!

6 thoughts on “*Enter Some Comic Relief *

  1. What an adventure already! It appears a good sense of humor is a necessity! I love reading all about your new experiences and observations!


  2. Love your stories, KAYLA… cannot imagine what you are going thru without them.
    And with them , it still is “foggy”. Hope the air is fresh for you guys to breath.
    I never liked cold showers either…. so glad you got that fixed. Hope you can move
    into your apartment soon. Glad you found someone that can run the errands for
    you and take the dog out. Now if we could get some cool weather here and there..
    We had storms last night all over Michigan.. Beautiful today.
    Take care… Enjoy!


  3. Haha that bunny comment made me giggle! I just can’t even imagine trying to go grocery shopping in China without understanding mandarin! Have you tried the Google translate picture app? It works fairly well for translating German to English on the fly, but I wonder if it works well for mandarin. Best of luck! The first month of paperwork is the hardest!


    1. It works well for mandarin, but alas, China has also blocked all things Google. There is a surprising amount of English on certain packaging, and you would be surprised how well you can guess at types of cleaners based on pictures alone (fabric softener for example is in pastel bottles with pictures of fields or flowers, lol).

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