Square One

Hello all! I recently decided I would try my hand at creating a blog for our upcoming move to China. My plan was to create a place for those of you who want to keep up with our adventures without me having to overwhelming Facebook with details. We are pretty new at this whole international move/expat assignment business, but we are starting to come up to speed pretty quickly. I’ll start with a quick summary of our story at this point and (hopefully) continue to add interesting bits here and there as we work through this whole process. Leave a comment if there is anything specific you want to hear about.

In the beginning: David was approached by our company back in December 2014 about a potential future assignment in China. At the time we did not know they were actively looking to fill an engineering position mid-year 2015, so he went into the conversation thinking it was informational only, and maybe someday a position would open up. Well, about three months later “someday” came around and his position (and mine) were approved through the international committee with an official start date of August 1st! Now we are starting to work our way through the mountain of paperwork involved and at this point it feels like August is still very far away…

Roxy the Cat
Roxy the Cat

What we know at this point is the assignment is for three years, we will be working in Zhangjiagang, David will be taking a role in their TCS capability team, and I am going to stay in process engineering but switch to a new technology: elastomers. We have a house hunting trip planned for May and based on everyone we have talked to so far we are most likely to end up living in Suzhou. Our business visa for the house hunting trip is a work in progress at best, and I have to have my marriage license notarized (that’s a thing?!) to prove my name changed. We are also planning to bring Roxy and Kenobi with us, so I am sure that will make for even more exciting travel arrangements.

(Obi-Wan) Kenobi
(Obi-Wan) Kenobi

Before we go we have a lot of “to-do” items around the house to get it ready to rent out, so that has been occupying a lot of our time lately. It seems a new roof is in order along with some furnaces and blinds. Apparently renters might like those. So many things to do, where do you start?!

…with Chinese language lessons. Those start in a week!

3 thoughts on “Square One

  1. oh, I am so glad you are doing this….as then I can sorta keep up on your life. Since three years is a long time.
    Glad you will be home for the 4th of July yearly anyway… 🙂


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